Our dog is ill again

The plan was to jump on Zwift however with no air conditioning in our condo during winter months it’s all of a sudden hot again. The morning was so hot that cooling inside was impossible leaving the entire house with no sleep while at the same time our dogs kidney issue flared up again.

Thankfully February has ended and the air condition should be back on in the next few weeks. We did however spend the day trying to get our dog to eat, finally we boiled her some fresh chicken and she ate it up. The plan today is to take our dog to her vet for some hydration and a shot of some kind that will help her to eat.

There is an upside to things that have been going on and it’s that life is still going forward. We’re planning some riding on our bike this weekend and between now and then I’ll Zwift as I have the chance.

In other news we released episode 1 of our series on our Youtube channel, if you get the time swing by and check it out. On that note it’s time to start the day. Thanks so much for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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