Our dog got some more meds and some fluids to help with her kidney issue

I can certainly say that January and February have had a lot of things in the way of our goals and accomplishments. Between the weather, unexpected family arriving, our health and our dog’s health; it has been off the chain, to say the least, and we’re still holding our heads up. This month we hope to be moving forward a bit more when it comes to riding given that it will be much warmer and the family concerns have settled a lot. Now at this point, we’re trying to get our dog’s kidney levels back to her normal.

The other day our dog went into the vet for her standard vaccinations and when she left her nerves were so upset that her eating habits changed. She always gets nervous when she goes to the vet, over hyper is the best words to use; however, it’s normal for her. Over the last part of a year, our dog has been on a treatment plan to help with her having one smaller kidney. She is a Pomeranian and the smallest change in her daily routine and she can be out of whack for weeks or even months, sort of like me. After receiving her vaccines she sort of took a meltdown and started not eating to the point that we had to continuously entice her with the next best thing based on her doctor’s instructions. Last night we had to take our dog in so that she can get a stimulant and a pill for nausea, on top of some hydration injections to help get her appetite back. Our dog is also on tramadol for pain during this kidney level balance. The last few days I’ve not slept much due to continuing watching over any sudden movements with her. We love our dog so we keep a close eye on her well being, losing sleep is the last things for me to be concerned on; it’s merely got our schedule off whack a bit to get things like daily Zwift etc in.

We do plan on riding more and more and catching a hike here and there very soon, we’ve just got too many things on our plate which certainly mean more to us. Once our dog is back to herself we will be able to put our full swing into things until then everything is one day at a time and we live each day making the best of how things go.

Today we start the day without a plan and see what the day brings us, and on that note, we hope you have enjoyed episode one of our video series.

Thanks so much for the support and have an epic adventure day.

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