The adventure cycling has begun, oh yeah

The Sunday bike ride did happen and it was epic however I was right; it was just Annika, John, and I on the bike ride. Another night of minimal sleep before the ride though I pushed through the day as we rode 33 miles around the bike path which took us from Scottsdale through Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, and Guadalupe. It was an epic morning as the weather is back to the normal warm sun in the mornings as we get closer to spring.

After the bike ride, Annika and I took our son and his wife out of the house to run some errands. Upon completing the errands we kicked back to chill with our dog as she is a bit better perked up that she was.

The goal today is to meet up with John and take another bike adventure through the bike paths and beyond. Every time us three get together we don’t really have a plan we just go and see what happens from there. Tuesday morning I have a dentist appointment so we will probably do some hiking versus riding our bikes on that day and Wednesday I hope to be doing some Zwift if all goes well.

The other day I switched my tires on my road bike. I love Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires however I went through 10 tires in 3 months riding on the BeeLine so on the last BeeLine ride to Tonto I switched back over to Continental 4000’s 2.0 with tubes. During the BeeLine ride on that day, I went through 5 total tubes in about 1/4 mile due to all of the debris on the road. If I would’ve gone with tubeless on that day I wouldn’t have made it through part of the distance that I did. The BeeLine highway has a tendency to destroy bike tires. In that trip, I had to dig over 20 pieces of metal shards from each tire after the ride however the tires are still usable as I just took them off a few days ago. The tires got switched to Continental Gatorskins the other day and honestly, I’m not a fan of those tires. Continental Gatorskin tires on a road bike are like riding your bike while holding the breaks, you suddenly feel like you’re pulling another person or a trailer behind you; horrible tires to say the least. The reason I put on these tires is due to all of the debris on the roads since all of the crazy weather and flooding lately.

The upside to using the Continental Gatorskins is that they’re supposedly more durable and given the weight they add to a bike they certainly better be. The other reason they are good at the moment is so that I can build my legs up by pedaling through normal climbs with this added weight. The goal is to get my legs ready to pedal our up and coming “Surly Pugsley’s” which will have the 4.3 inch wide tires on them. Not only will the new tires be much more of a drag to pedal the bike also weights between 40-50 pounds without gear on it. I aim to be able to pedal the Pugsley just as fast as I can my MTB or road bike.

So breaking down the day in a simple word, “EPIC”. More to come as this week is looking to be a perfect week for biking and hiking as we try to look positive while we keep an eye on our dog. Hugs and many thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.

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