We ended up spending our day with our dog

Our dog started the day in a lot better shape than she was, however, we’re still working with her on eating. The day went by as just a family day and nothing else. Annika and I after doing some errands to pick up more things for our dog played World of Warcraft as we kept tabs on our dog. Every now and then she wanted to perk up and she did eat a lot better than she did the day before.

On the cycling kick, we picked up a new fan for me to be able to ride indoor on Zwift. This way I can ride indoors a bit during what our dog is going through. Each day is hopefully a step in a better direction. The game plan right now is 100% making sure our dog gets better and we have no time for anything until that has happened. In the meantime, we will keep a post here each day as promised in our Patreon. Hugs and thanks so much for the support, we will share more as we have info to share. Have an epic adventure day and we hope to be back riding asap.

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