Our dog is doing a lot better

Today is looking to be a lot better than it has been for a little while. First off, our dog is more lively now. I got woken this morning by my dog giving me kisses, she just started recognizing us yesterday and to get kisses from her means she is much more herself. Yesterday she perked up a lot, so much that we took her to Petsmart so that she could pick a toy out from the toy box; yes our dog is that spoiled lol.

Now before we get asked, we do not buy food pet foods or use vet services at Petsmart and will not do so. Our dog has an excellent vet and her foods are ordered directly through Chewy as she is on a special diet per her doctor’s specifications. We do however take our dog to Petsmart so that she can get toys to play with, clothing, and see other animals; this is like taking her to her own personal mall.

So yesterday at Petsmart when we arrived, our dog walked around a little slower than her usual trips but when she found the toy she liked she immediately started headed for the checkout counter. She picked out a toy stuffed ice cream cone and she played with it all the way back home. Seeing her play again was an awesome feeling, just knowing the treatment was working and that our dog was starting to feel better made the day amazing. When we got home we spent the day playing with her and we did spend an hour or two playing some World of Warcraft. After a bit of gaming, we decided it was time to just call it an early day so that we could rest up for work today, a couple movies and rest.

We started up the first movie and within a few minutes, I was sick and by the time the movie ended I had gotten sick 3 times. I think the stress of everything has kicked my health issues into overdrive as I spent the night getting sick all the up until midnight. I’m now enjoying my morning coffee with hopes of my throat chilling out a bit so that I can actually put some food in my belly. My plan this morning is to get on my bike indoor and do some Zwift, fingers crossed.

Depending on how I’m feeling today is how long that I will ride on Zwift, either way, I will get to ride a little bit. At the moment my stomach is completely empty and I’m nervous to eat. The upside to today, however, is that my dog woke me with morning sugar and my amazing wife is simply amazing.

Alright, so it’s that time. Thanks for the support, and we wish you an epic adventure day. Fingers crossed as to how the day goes.

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