A short Zwift in 85-degree temp

So much time to sit and think when it’s over 85 degrees in your home. This year the HOA has not turned on the air chillers yet so the only air flowing through all of the complexes here is heat. What an arrogant way to live after a purchase of a condo and thankfully we haven’t done so, using an HOA is a complete horse shit concept. When we moved to our condo we debated purchasing however instead we decided to do a long lease. thankfully we’ve endured such hypocritic concepts as the HOA enough to know that we will never purchase in that environment. We were raised in a time when you bought something you own it and it’s bad enough that in today’s world you never own anything you buy in America. Our goal is to turn purchase land far away from ignorance and stupidity, stepping as far off the grid as possible. On that note, it’s extremely hot in our condo and everyone in the complexes here are about to explode on the HOA. Today it’s 85 degrees outside it’s pushing 90 indoors with fans running on all ends of our place. I tried riding indoors today on Zwift and after 10 miles I was puking my guts out. Even with a new turbo cool fan, it was exhausting to pedal and I’ve reached my limit with everything.

I miss being able to ride long distances and enjoy it, I thoroughly miss being able to take off on an adventure each day with my wife; life has severely changed and so much has gotten in the way. Since January it has been one thing after another, from family issues to super hot house, to our dog and my health going off the charts. The stress has literally hit way beyond the limit on many occasions. My plan to ride indoor Zwift will have to wait until the HOA turns on the air conditioning and outdoor riding can only happen when life isn’t on the cliff of a falling mountain. Speaking of mountains, my wife and I watched a few rock climbing films and “oh my” it was amazing; not a sport for us; just simply amazing.

The Jerry Springer fiasco has a time limit thankfully. We aim to get out new Surly Pugley’s some time in June and we don’t currently have the room for them in our place. On that note, I’m debating on going on a bike adventure today however it would depend on how our dog is doing and if someone can keep an eye on her while my son and I ride. I very much miss riding long distances and it is impossible to ride when all that time of thinking is stuck on worrying about what’s going on in our home. The upside is our dog is doing so much better, other than it’s very hot. She is very playful and so much herself again, how we missed that. I can’t thank the few people enough who have been checking in on how our dog was doing; it means a lot to us. Hugs to them and all of our supporters! On that note, it’s time to get the day figured out, have an epic adventure day today and I hope we get to have one as well.

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