Feeling much better, hike and bike

I’m feeling much better now that I was able to hold down some food. At worst case plans, Annika and I will hike and bike with John on Sunday. I do aim to Zwift and wanted to today, just haven’t the energy from whatever this bug is that has been kicking my butt.

Annika and I have been discussing getting some hiking in. Since all of the cold weather and 2019 just not being a good year so far, our muscles are getting sore waiting. So much has happened to us since January, we very much appreciate the few people who checked in on us. It’s been a struggle and no it isn’t over yet however it is on a time limit.

I’ve been trying to enjoy some of our favorite TV Shows and movies while doing some pc gaming during the last few weeks in between the madness to keep our sanity. Riding our bikes have been the hardest being that leaving our home sometimes was not an easy task, heck sleeping sometimes was not a simple task.

Our dog is doing great! This morning she started wrestling like she used to each morning. She is easting good and regularly and she is becoming more and more playful by the minute. We ordered her some Canapet per her doctor’s recommendation, we look forward to seeing how well she takes to it.

Back to adventure cycling as soon as we can on a full-time level. Over the next few days, I aim to start picking up the pace a little at a time. My sleep schedule is a bit off though I do plan to do a ride this morning, not sure if it will be outside or inside, depends on the household.

A quick update for today, I do feel well enough to go for a nice adventure bike ride. This mornings plan is that after I feed and walk my dog, my son and I will get the bikes ready to roll out for some big hill climbing. I do have some sore muscles from waiting to ride however I miss riding so much that I’m certain I can push through the pain. The route that I’m taking is about 40-50 miles with about 80% of the time riding will be climbing uphill. Fountain Hills has some epic climbing and when you add to this route of riding to the fountain and going through the BeeLine Highway, whelp that’s epic riding.

I’m really excited about the bike ride this morning and hope it goes as planned.

Alright, it’s time to do the thing.

Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much to our subscribers and Patreon supports.

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