What an epic bike ride with our son

Yesterday morning turned out epic! Our son overslept so since he wasn’t up on time I started our laundry so he had time to wake and get ready. After I put away our laundry and our son had his coffee, we put some food in our bellies and headed out the door. It was much colder than we thought but it wasn’t as cold as it has been lately, it was only in the ’40s. As we were pulling out I was just wearing cycling shorts and a jersey so I broke out my winter gear and through it on while on the side of the road.

Ready and rolling! We started pedaling our bikes in route to Fountain Hill with a goal to help our son learn gear changing and climbing. He was riding my mountain bike (Kara) which is much harder to ride when following a road bike, I’m proud to say he stayed close to me at around 15-18 mph. Watching him pedal in my mirror I could tell he was my son for sure as he pushed and pushed to keep up with not one complaint. I didn’t go fast nor did I go too easy, my goal was to allow him the room to want to push and it worked well.

I knew right off the bat that we wouldn’t make it to the fountain in Fountain Hills, and I knew we wouldn’t get up the main hill to descend down to the fountain. This was our sons’ third bike ride and for the distance and the climb, he did amazing. We got as far as The Lost Dog Trailhead and he was maxed out so we decided to enjoy our downhill journey back into Scottsdale and go home. He spoke of having a goal to make it to the fountain one day and I vowed to help him get to it as long as he wanted to try. The first time I made it to the fountain was on my mountain bike, it was extremely difficult.

We made it back from the bike ride and within minutes our son was passed out on his bed. The bike ride was one of the hardest endurance workouts he had ever experienced. I can not wait until Monday when he comes back out with Annika and me for another bike ride. Today’s goal is for Annika and me to take a bike journey with our friend John and afterward try to do a hike before our family dinner. We’re not sure how far we will ride, maybe 30-40 miles will work; either way, it’s a day for her and me to have some fun on our bikes.

Things are in forward position, finally! Things around the house are sorting out and our dog is much better. I myself think the stomach thing was just a bug as it has ended as well after 5 days. Huge thanks for the support and we will keep you posted on our adventures as a family as well as individually. Oh, and before I forget, huge thanks to Dave at Bike Barn for ordering my new Continental Grand Prix 5000 tires for my road bike, I cannot wait to get them.

Have an epic adventure day everyone and huge thanks to our supporters.

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