An epic adventure ride with Annika and John

It was another epic adventure bike ride day, this time it was John and Franklin with Annika and me. First off in case you’re not familiar, John is a great friend of ours who we ride bikes with when he is here in Arizona; Franklin is his cancer buddy.

The day was awesome, great weather with good people as we rode our bikes down into Phoenix and almost into Glendale. We would’ve made it to the Cardinals Stadium if Annika’s chain wouldn’t have tweaked out. She started hearing clicking in the chain and she started skipping gears just out of the blue and when we stopped to check; her chain had 3 spots that would no longer bend. The links were stuck and were completely locked up, we ended up turning around to go to Bike Barn to get it fixed.

When we arrived at Bike Barn the shop wasn’t opening for at least an hour, well then Dave saw us outside. The moment Dave and the staff saw us they opened the door to see how they could help. We let Dave know what had happened and he and the staff immediately helped to bring all of our bikes indie and park them while he put Annika’s bike on the mechanic stand. John and I started chatting for a moment while Annika and Dave went over the options, she decided new chain was the best plan and Dave got it done right away. Within moments Dave had finished Annika’s bike and we were being helped out the door to get back on our bike ride. Dave is our hero! Huge thanks to Bike Barn of Phoenix, Dave Skeeters and the staff.

We rode our bikes the rest of the way back home from the bike ride with John and Franklin, it was an awesome ride. Once we made it back our son had made sandwiches for us and they were being handed to us as we walked in our door. Annika and I did plan to go hiking however our dog was being a bit picky on her eating again so we spend a good part of the day getting her to eat. When we were not getting our dog to eat we stopped into Bike Barn of Phoenix just to go show some love for the shop and to thank them again while we looked over a few up and coming purchases. We test rode a Trek Stache which turned out to be a great bike, we love Bike Barn.

Dinner with family night and back for a movie before resting up for another bike ride this morning. We’re meeting up with John and Franklin again and maybe even with our son if he is awake in time. We’re slowly getting our cycling legs back in motion one ride at a time. I aim to ride every day this week either indoor or outside in order to get my muscles ready for some long hours in the saddle. It’s gonna be an epic day today and we’re excited, huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today. Thanks for reading.

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