Adventure Bike Ride with Free Solo, Pot Pie, and a Puppy

Yesterday was another adventure with Annika and John, our son didn’t get up to go for a ride with us. It was a chill short bike ride, 28 miles of a fun time. The ride went smooth as we rode our bikes down to the Athletic A’s Stadium in Mesa and saw our fun-loving duck by the canal.

Annika, John, and I did pretty much a recovery adventure ride on flat terrain as just a nice simple bike ride as sort of a cool down ride since the weather was about to kick in. We’ve got rain. I’ve seen more rain and bad weather in Arizona this year that I’ve heard of ever having here. My wife grew up here in Scottsdale and her whole family has been shocked by the oddity of the weather, to say the least. So yes, we’ve got rain again.

So another awesome ride with Annika and John and we look forward to many more adventures together. During our ride as well as after our ride the traffic was a complete mess. With all the tourist in town and drunk drivers on Spring Break, many people have come close to running into us while we were on bikes and in our car. If you’re out on the roads please be careful and I am considering posting pictures of the cars and plates of these people that should not be driving as we have taken photos and videos of them in the process. We even saw a school bus driver almost run cars off the road a few days ago and even caught that on film.

When we finished our bike ride yesterday we came home to get cleaned up to take our son and his wife over to the Bass Pro shop in Mesa. I’ve not been in a Bass Pro Shop in years, however, when I saw one while we were riding, all I could think about was bikepacking gear and wanted to check and see what they had. When we arrived at Bass Pro Shop in Mesa it was packed with customers. Within minutes I realized that Bass Pro Shop was basically Wal-Marts sporting goods on a larger scale with tons of eye candy. This store had a lot of the big name brands but they only had the lower end of the products by those name brands. We visited this store for a few minutes and got bothered by people who wanted to collect information for gimmick “win this” schemes and left very quickly. In short Bass Pro Shop doesn’t have bikepacking gear, the store is a joke; simple overpriced cheap crap. We did like the indoor fish pond, it was the only good thing about the store. Leaving Bass Pro Shop, it started raining. We decided that since we had to change our work schedule on Wednesday that we’d call it a short day and go home for dinner and a movie.

Our dog was a bit under the weather again and wasn’t eating much the day before or yesterday so we ended up making her a Pot Pie, she loved it. When Annika made the Pot Pie and took the crust off to serve it to our dog, our dog was so excited she didn’t stop eating until the plate was almost done. Once she finished her plate she cuddled with us on the couch to watch “Free Solo“.

Free Solo Movie Review 5 out of 5 Stars

We’re not rock climbers but we do have an interest in the sport. Lately, we’ve been watching a lot of adventure based documentaries, several of which featured or mentioned Alex Honnold. Alex Honnold is probably one of the best rock climbers that we’ve ever heard about. Since the film Free Solo was being promoted we had done some as an up and coming film we had checked out other movies on Amazon that Alex Honnold was in, we watched them all. In short, Free Solo was an amazing documentary which is 100% worthy of a 5 out of 5-star rating. It was a very well made film which kept the point of the story very clear and the visuals were stunning. One of my favorite parts of this documentary was how Alex explained climbing in complete detail. The way he described hand and feet placement while the film showed the minimal areas that he had to put a foot or a hand on was astonishing. Free Solo is just an epic documentary and we highly recommend everyone to check it out. I could go on forever about the movie but we have much to do today. The movie is very inspiring, scary to say the least, and a very beautiful story; visually and verbally.

5 Star Rating

Watch Free Solo Below

After enjoying such a wonderful film we called it a night. We had some cheesecake with our son and his wife and had a great nights sleep. When we woke this morning at midnight, our new schedule we wake at 1am to start our day; we were fully rested and ready to roll. Today is a rainy day so we decided to make it a PC Gaming family day. I was going to get on Zwift for 30 miles and still may, depending if I have dry shorts before the day is done and if the temperature will allow it since the air conditioning is still not on in our complex. Either way, today will be awesome as Annika and I take our little Gnomes in World of Warcraft and do some fishing while we Quest. We love to play World of Warcraft and on occasion some Overwatch.

MattyAndAnnika playing World of Warcraft
MattyAndAnnika playing World of Warcraft

Alright, It’s time for some munchies and to spend some time with our dog. Thanks so much for reading and thanks so much for the support from Subscribers and Patreons. Have an epic adventure day today and we will drop another epic story tomorrow.

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    1. lol 30 miles is a small ride for us. Before January hit I was averaging between 80-150 miles per ride. Once the family stuff settles here I will be back doing 120-200 miles a day

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