Adjusting to our new schedule, time for Zwift

Yesterday was a day to adjust to our new work schedule which officially starts today. The time we start our day now begins at 1am for the next few months. We woke a bit earlier than we had needed by accident, 11pm; so 2 hours too early. Given that we were awake and couldn’t sleep, we decided to go ahead and make the day start and to see what we could do since we had the day off.

We had our normal coffee, and we got a quick bite to eat as we let it all settle in that it would be dark for a while. We could hear the raindrops outside as we had our sliding glass door open to have some fresh air. The decision was made, we were gonna do some pc gaming; World of Warcraft to the rescue. We started to load up our game when we noticed that everything digital had updates, pc updates, phone, and app updates, you name it; it had updates and then Blizzard had to update everything too. We sat and chatted while we waited for all of the updates to go through and then we kicked off our characters to play some WoW.

A few hours of playing and I believe we leveled 3 times and we became very tired. We both could hardly keep our eyes open or keep interested in the game and it had just reached close to 5am. We decided that maybe a power nap for an hour or two will help so we laid back down for a quick nap, we slept longer than we had hoped. It was afternoon when we both woke and out of whack we both were. The whole day from that point forward was just blah as we basically forced ourselves to function until a good time to go back to sleep to get on track for this morning. Our day consisted of looking after our dog as she started drinking Ensure to help with her health, and we were making her special foods throughout the day until we went to bed.

We watched a few movies to get through the day until it was time to pass out, sadly we didn’t find too many of the two worth watching. A restless night of a couple hours of sleep and my day started at 11pm again, once again I’m early. Annika will be heading out to her office and I will be getting my work done before doing a bit of Zwift later. I’d like to ride 30-60 miles today on my indoor trainer, hoping nothing interferes. On the upside, we didn’t oversleep due to the new schedule.

Time to get the day started, huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day. More to come tomorrow.

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