A much needed mental and physical break

Every day since January 1st of 2019 has seemed like a rush each day to get to some point in the day all to rinse and repeat while at the same time too many things have been in our way; we’re hitting the pause button. When we were nearing 2019, Annika and I knew exactly what our plan was for the year and had every item checked off of how we would accomplish it; until we got unexpected visitors. 5 days into the New Year we started getting calls during our bike rides and during the middle of the night. On the 13th we had already paid for two bus tickets, motels, and made many spur of the moment changes in our lifestyle and household to accommodate our son and his wife. Since that day everything has been completely out of whack to say it mildly.

We’ve not been able to make any plans for the next day to come, Annika and I didn’t get to celebrate our Anniversary, we didn’t go snowboarding, we didn’t get to stay in the haunted hotel in Jerome as we’d planned. We’ve not once made our weekly mile goal for riding our bikes since these two arrived. We’ve hoped each day with all of the things we’ve done to assist and accommodate that somewhere in the mix that the two adults would actually act like adults and start to carry their own weight; this hasn’t happened. This is just one of the stresses that have landed on our shoulders so far this year and then there is our dog’s health.


Every morning when I post the daily article we have a plan in mind however after it has posted and the day starts things change very quickly. The day can be an instant Jerry Springer show filled with the idiocy that rolls right into our laps or it can be a rough day for our dog. Our dog has been diagnosed with one small kidney and there really isn’t anything that can be done other than try to manage the situation and make her as comfortable and happy as we can in hopes of things leveling out. With this kidney issue, our dog eats special meals and special foods. 90% of her meals are home cooked that gets mixed in with her prescription food. She has to have low protein food with a ton of big words that I cannot remember at the moment. My wife and I cook meals such as:

  • hamburger meat cooked with rice and egg whites. (mix a small amount into her prescription food)
  • boiled chicken and fresh potatoes with green beans. (no seasoning)
  • sweet potatoes (organic specifically for dogs)

That is just a few of the items we cook her our dog to help her get through each day. Some days go smooth and some days we spend the entire day just trying to get her to be able to eat equivalent to 2 tablespoons of food. The last few days have been days like that. Yesterday the plan was to get the day rolling and do some Zwift indoors while I keep an eye on our dog, I didn’t get to get on Zwift. The whole day was trying to get some food into our dog while keeping her as comfy as I could, at the same time a small Jerry Springer show in the process. The only food our dog would eat was homemade mashed potatoes fed to her from our fingers. She wouldn’t go near a bowl for anything other than her water bowl which is mixed bottled water and Pedialyte. She did manage to drink a small amount of her Ensure (vanilla only is safe for dogs). We cleaned our dishes and kitchen more than 15 times yesterday however it was for the well being and happiness of our dog in which we love.

So I titled this post for exactly what it means. This year’s goals and plans in cycling such as my 25,000 miles in one-year goal and all other goals for this year are on pause. If we reach any of the goals this year then awesome however if we don’t we are not stressing over it and we will start them all back up next year. At this point, we know that we will be clearing out our house by June 1st and from that point able to start getting our household and life back together without the extra weight and unknowing. I will not daily be focused on when or when I cannot ride indoor or outside, if we get to ride then we will share the adventure here on our site. If we do not get to ride then so be it, we will get back in the swing of things when the stress has cooled down. It’s time for a much needed mental and physical break which in reality can’t fully happen until a lot of crap gets out of our lives and our dog gets to feeling much better.

We will continue to post daily and do our best to keep the monthly videos going on our YouTube. Hugs and many thanks to our Patreon Supporters and you for reading and keeping up with what we’re doing. Have an epic adventure day, we will post again tomorrow.

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