I remember our first bikes

To daily write about what took place the day before is getting a bit depressing given the circumstances, so I thought I’d focus on something happy. Yesterday turned out exactly as I had thought it would so until the house is back to normal and Annika and I have our lives back, I’ll aim for happier posts.

I thought of our first bikes together which was in 2017, we bought Mongoose bikes from ToysRus. We didn’t know enough about bikes when we made this purchase but we did find out right away as to why no one should ever buy bikes from WalMart, ToysRUs etc. Cheap bikes are just cheap junk, not worth owning. Bikes like Mongoose and many others that you can find in WalMart and ToysRUs are the lowest of the low and they can really hurt you physically if you ride them.

Our first bikes, what a waste of money | Dont buy Cheap Bikes | MattyAndAnnika
Our first bikes, what a waste of money | Don’t buy Cheap Bikes | MattyAndAnnika

The picture above is a snapshot of the two Mongoose bikes that Annika and I started with. We paid $300.00 for the two bikes and in less than 60 miles those pieces of crap got returned. Annika and I were riding about 3-6 miles max and we were so sore from doing so. Our rear ends hurt, the bikes weight was 45 pounds; very sluggish to ride. When we were out riding one day we came across a bike shop where we met our friend Dave. Dave is now the manager of Bike Barn which is our favorite bike shop, he takes care of all of our bikes. The day we met Dave for the first time, he took the time to explain to us why we were in so much pain from riding those cheap bikes. Dave didn’t try to sell us a bike, he took our bikes and put them on the bike stand to begin tweaking them a bit for us. The adjustments he made helped a lot however the bikes were still complete shit.

Annika and I rode our cheap Mongoose bikes a few more days until we decided to go to the bike shop where we met Dave. We looked over the various bikes and found so many we fell in love with. We didn’t know the difference between road bikes, mountain bikes, hardtails, cross bikes etc. We only knew we wanted a bike that we could ride longer than 6 miles without hurting for several days. After about an hour in the store and we were picking out the bikes we were leaving with.

Our first REAL Bikes | Giant Mountain Bikes | MattyAndAnnika
On the left is Annika’s mountain bike, on the right is my mountain bike (Kara). These are the bikes we bought from Dave at the local bike shop in August 2017.

When we got the two bikes from Dave, Annika and I started riding 20-30 mile bike rides together. It wasn’t long after this that I started riding my mountain bike (Kara) 80-100 miles per ride; I was hooked. We love these bikes and we still ride them today. My mountain Bike (Kara) I’ve ridden almost 3,000 miles so far.


January 2018 I had my new Road Bike thanks to Annika and Dave. My road bike is a Giant TCR Advanced Pro 0 2017 model. I love my road bike very much and to date, I’ve ridden it almost 6,000 miles. I’ve done a ton of changes to this bike and wore out 3 chains and 2 cassettes. My road bikes name is “Icarus” and it weighs 17 pounds when I don’t have gear on it. Daily it looks more like a touring bike as it has bags all over it for carrying snacks and more for long distance ride. I’ve ridden as long as 150 miles in a single ride and was averaging 120 miles per ride average last summer.

Adventure Cycling with Friends | Tempe Lake Arizona | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Cycling with Friends | Tempe Lake Arizona | MattyAndAnnika

Icarus has aero bars, I’ve gone through 3 saddles and shredded 12 tires so far. When I started riding my road bike, Annika started looking into a road bike or touring bike for her and recently found the right one for her. She ordered her bike to the exact specifications that she wanted and loves it very much.

Annika's New Salsa Journeyman Sora 650 | Morning Bike Ride | After 24 Hour Stream | MattyAndAnnika
Annika’s New Salsa Journeyman Sora 650 | Morning Bike Ride | After 24 Hour Stream | MattyAndAnnika

She has a Salsa Journeyman Sora 650 and when she has the time to ride it, her and I go for adventures together.

Point of today’s story is simple. We love our bikes and we enjoy riding them. We’re severely interested in Bikepacking, bike touring, and look forward to doing a lot of it. We were on a one-way mission to just ride our bikes as much as we could daily until things took a huge turn on us January 2019 til now. The upside of the story is we’re counting down the time for things to be back to normal so that Annika and I can go back to our happiness and be riding all the time together again.

The goal today was to write a positive post, goal achieved. Woohoo, have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for the support on Patreon.

Oh, for more info on our bikes and my indoor setup, go to Bikes in the navigation menu.

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