Finally a good nights sleep

Oh wow, I slept so well for a change. This morning I slept in a lot. Every day we get up early, our mornings did start at 2am now its 1am; today I slept in till 10:15am. I think I really needed that long night of sleep cause I feel so well rested for a change.

Yesterday turned out much better than most of the last few weeks. We did, however, spend most of our day trying to get our dog to eat and finally at the end of the day decided to give her some of the food she used to eat years ago and when we did; she went to town on it. It turns out that the food she ate when she was a little pup was low in protein and a cheaper grade food but now totally fits the nutrition level that she has to have so things don’t get out of whack for her kidney. We spend everyday home cooking custom meals on top of feeder her the prescription foods of which none of those meals we our dog touch lately. When we gave our dog the other food that she ate when she was a little pup she instantly became more active and much happier. This happening totally made the rest of the day much better.

We did have a short talk with our son and his wife about the things that have taken place lately and after a talk things seem a bit better around the house, time will tell. It ended up that we had a movie night and chill time for the whole day of Saturday. Today I want to go see Dave at Bike Barn. My new tires come in the other day and I cannot wait to grab them. I’ve been rolling on Continental Hardshells and they aren’t that bad. The Continental Hardshells ride like your pulling a tank but they’re very durable. It makes riding a road bike feel like you’re pulling a truck behind you. My new Continental Grand Prix 5000’s arrived on Friday.

Short and sweet, I’m gonna hop off of here and enjoy the rest of the day with hopes to get a bike ride in tomorrow. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.

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