Life can move forward, bike, bike, bike

The days are looking to be much prettier and better. A long talk and some family time let there finally be time to heal and continue living happily. Yesterday was nicely spent with Annika, our son and his wife; we had a cookout.  Our son cooked some items, Annika cooked some and I of course done the cleaning afterward; what a team we all make. Before we got together for our cookout we visited Dave at Bike Barn to pick up my new bike tires. The Continental Grand Prix 5000’s came in and I cannot wait to have them on my bike. Our schedule was a bit off since we slept in a bit however we got a lot done.

Got my new bike tires | Continental Grand Prix 5000's | MattyAndAnnika
Got my new bike tires | Continental Grand Prix 5000’s | MattyAndAnnika

Our dog is feeling much better and is none stop eating, the family sit down to talk went excellent and now everyone is on the same page. We can finally get on our bikes and do some riding and hopefully some hiking soon too. Yesterday was certainly a day that was needed to happen and now forward moving is the path to better days.

Today’s goal is for Annika and me to do a bike ride together and get to fully enjoy it. On that note, let’s do this. Have an epic adventure day and huge thanks for the support, we hope to have some excellent photos and new videos coming soon.

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