On Zwift in the morning

Staring in the morning I will get started on my indoor trainer to do some riding on Zwift. We had planned on riding outside today however woke to see our dog is still a bit off on her eating so we’re staying in. I will start working on getting my legs and pace back together starting tomorrow morning. I hope to be between 120-200 miles per ride by the end of next week for my Zwift sessions, tomorrow will be just warming up slowly but a bit of distance.

Over the next 2 weeks, our condo should be turning on the chillers so that the air conditioning works, until then I’ll be doing what I can with the fans here. Today we visited Dave at Bike Barn to start planning on some up and coming repairs and changes that are going to happen on my road bike (Icarus). My new tires came in so I will be having them swapped out while at the same time some new tubes with a bit of orange inside to help with flats. Dave and the team will also be truing my wheels and tuning up the bike a bit since the Continental Hardshells tend to bend the rims a lot.

Dave and the team at Bike Barn are going to set up a date for us to come in with my road bike when the shop isn’t open yet so that they can get the work done on the spot; I love Bike Barn and can’t thank them enough for always looking after us.

For the rest of the day, I’ll be doing some stretches, run a few errands, and maybe some PC Gaming and movies with Annika. Hope everyone has an epic adventure day, thanks for the support.

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    1. thanks my friend. we’re just trying to get back riding again with all the junk thats been in our way lol. one day at a time. have an epic day my friend

      1. i know right lol. my son and his wife’s ups and downs has been the biggest issue. im hoping that i can trust enough that i can go outside and ride long distances very soon. between the trust and our dog having health issues it’s been a rough year so far. do you do any gaming when not riding?

      2. Hope it all smooths out for you soon.

        I wasted A LOT of time PC gaming when I was younger, so many hours. I try and avoid it these days! Plus I just don’t have the spare time for any more hobbies, haha!

      3. i hear you. my wife and i are developers since we started riding our bikes we spend very little time gaming. bikes first. thanks for that, we’re hoping it settles too, i miss riding out into the wherever. have an epic day my friend.

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