We needed one more day to relax

Annika and I had planned on going for our normal bike ride yesterday however since the family talk and now that the stress has chilled we needed rest more. We slept in a little and made the day a relaxing and family day and plan to ride this morning. We visited the fountain in Fountain Hills and it was actually running.

Checking out the Fountain at Fountain Hills | MattyAndAnnika
Checking out the Fountain at Fountain Hills | MattyAndAnnika

We also took our son and his wife out to look at new cars, Annika and I are considering getting a 2019 Mini possibly in the near future. We ran all over town to just sightsee and do some fun errands together and then we headed home to eat and relax. A bit of PC Gaming, a movie or two and a good nights rest before this mornings adventure bike ride.

Annika and I are hoping to do about 30 miles of adventure riding for the day before her dentist appointment. Tomorrow I plan to do Zwift for some long miles, fingers crossed as we’re still doing things on a daily basis while things get normal. It’s gonna be a very busy week for us but I do plan to do a good bit of Zwift as I have the time.

Whelp it’s that time, have an epic day and thanks so much for the support.

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