We needed one more day to relax

Annika and I had planned on going for our normal bike ride yesterday however since the family talk and now that the stress has chilled we needed rest more. We slept in a little and made the day a relaxing and family day and plan to ride this morning. We visited the fountain in Fountain Hills and it was actually running.

Checking out the Fountain at Fountain Hills | MattyAndAnnika
Checking out the Fountain at Fountain Hills | MattyAndAnnika

We also took our son and his wife out to look at new cars, Annika and I are considering getting a 2019 Mini possibly in the near future. We ran all over town to just sightsee and do some fun errands together and then we headed home to eat and relax. A bit of PC Gaming, a movie or two and a good nights rest before this mornings adventure bike ride.

Annika and I are hoping to do about 30 miles of adventure riding for the day before her dentist appointment. Tomorrow I plan to do Zwift for some long miles, fingers crossed as we’re still doing things on a daily basis while things get normal. It’s gonna be a very busy week for us but I do plan to do a good bit of Zwift as I have the time.

Whelp it’s that time, have an epic day and thanks so much for the support.

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  1. Hi guys. Pugsley seems to be a handful. Separation is a big problem and I think we all have it with most pets. You got to remember You are the leader of the pack not Pugsley or kitty. As far as Being rough with your hand. Have tried giving him a nibble or bite on the ear just enough so he knows you mean business. I have done the same thing and it worked. You my have to repeat a couple more times. Be stern and let him know that’s bad. As far as eating the walls. I would use a sprinkle of hot sauce on the wall and show him that is bad. I’m sure he and the kitty won’t like the taste of the hot sauce. I hope all your issues will resolve. You feel better soon. We send healing vibes your way.

    1. thanks Mags. yes i bite him when he bites. he does really well away from Lilith. The only time he is acting up is at home around Lilith. I’ve trained every animal I’ve ever had and never had an issue. I know thi sproblem comes from having Lilith and Pugsley as once we start to say something to Pugsley then Lilith jumps on him or tries to get in the mix. It’s like a fight for attention. When Pugsley isn’t around Lilith such as when we go to family or friends houses, or when we went on the hiking trip. we didn’t have these issues.

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