Way too hot to Zwift indoors without Air Conditioning

Started Zwift this morning and 15 minutes later I was falling off of my bike puking. The HOA over our the condominiums we live in hasn’t decided that it is hot enough to turn the chillers on so that we can turn on our air conditioning yet; what a bunch of idiots. It’s 85 degrees in our home with fans running from all directions. If we turn on our air conditioner it will fill the condo with heat as they still have the boilers on for the heater through the entire complex. I was aiming to ride indoors however it isn’t worth dying to get some miles in, this is one of the main reasons not to ever lease or buy when an HOA is involved.

Given the heat and the health risk, I won’t even try to Zwift till then air conditioning is on. At this point, I need to see how things will go today around our home before I plan any outdoor riding since things do seem better however look the same in the household. I did manage to get 15 trophies on Zwift so I know I still have the strength to “get er’ done”, I just can’t do much in such a hot area indoors at the moment. This year has just been a complete waste of existence so far, hopefully, things straighten out very soon.

If which is a very big word, things go good today then I’ll attempt to go for an outdoor ride tomorrow. It’s very difficult to go outside or plan to go outside between how our dog is doing and how our son and his wife are behaving. Fingers Crossed!

On the upside of things, we did find an awesome new series on Netflix called “Love, Death + Robots“; it’s epic!

Love, Death + Robots is probably one of our favorite new series and I’ve watched the whole series 2 times so far. I totally give this series 5 out of 5 stars, it’s a must-see masterpiece. What I liked the most is all of the various styles between episodes.

Okay so now let me try and get the rest of my day started. Have an epic adventure day and I will keep everyone posted of how things go in the morning.

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  1. Could you maybe look into getting a small portable air-conditioner? The prices on them have come down quite a bit and one would certainly be cheaper than a trip to the emergency room caused by heat stroke. Even having one room cooled down might be worth it. Just saying!

    1. weve looked into them, its a vent issue as the complexes here are built out of concrete to keep cool in. built in 60’s and the two windows in the condo dont have openings for one. they turn on chillers any moment now, they just wait till last minute.

      1. There are some new ones that don’t vent to outside, I don’t understand exactly how they work, but I’ve seen them advertised on those, “As seen on TV” TV channels. Some how you put water in them and they cool the air… somehow. I hope everything works out for you. Drink lots of cold, icy drinks and wear as little as you can get away with.

    1. i live in scottsdale arizona, whole complex has heat and air. the heat is is pumped into the complex from boiler controlled by the HOA of all their controlled properties. same with air conditioning. they turn on Chillers for air conditioning end of March, sadly each year its getting warmer faster and colder less however the HOA wants to keep holding out till last minute which means every condo on the properties have no control over air conditioning until the HOA turns on the chillers and turns off the Boilers.

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