Yesterday was chill and relaxing now it’s time to pedal and rebuild my legs

It’s been so long without solid daily riding that it’s been even harder to get back on the horse and get to riding. I was on Zwift doing 120 miles per ride indoors and on average 80-100 miles a ride outside. Life gave us a curb ball and we’re working towards pushing through it and getting back to what we were enjoying.


Riding outside is our passion however when the weather is too cold, wet, extremely hot, or our schedule makes us stay indoors due to work; we ride on our indoor setup via Zwift. Annika and I do have plans to extend our Zwift setup over the next year or two with a big upgrade. We aim to have a dedicated bike for Zwift along with going all the way to the Top End of Wahoo equipment to better the experience of riding indoors. As we look more towards our future plans we know we will build a large building for our bikes, our mechanic area, bike wash area, bike storage, and Zwift stations for the two of us. We’ve bought 6 bikes since we started riding bikes and we’ve already picked out two more to be getting next which are the Surly Pugsley’s.

We love bikes and our daily thing to do when we’re not riding is to window shop online or in our local bike shop (Bike Barn) or REI for bikepacking and future bike gear. Annika and I spend more time discussing bike plans than anything else.


Today I plan to ride on Zwift, I’m not sure how long I can ride given the temperature in our house due to the condo having the chillers off still. I’d like to ride 50-100 miles today if I’m able. The goal right now is to get my legs back in the physical ability to handle daily long distances again. Hopefully, by the end of next week I’d like to be up to 200 miles per Zwift ride, today I’m simply getting started and whatever I get to today I will aim to the same or more the next day; gradually going up. As Mike Hall said, it’s just riding your bike, and then riding a little more, and then riding a little more; it’s not like curing cancer.

Okay, so I’m gonna finish this coffee and get some stuff done around the house before I set my bike up on the Wahoo Kickr Snap. Have an epic adventure day today everyone and thanks for the support.


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