Gonna go for a bike journey this morning

I’ve given up on making a plan for a bit and decided that this morning I’m simply going for a long bike ride. Yesterday turned out to be a great day however it didn’t go so well for trying to Zwift given the hot temperatures inside our home so I’m heading out early this morning. I’d like to ride down the BeeLine Highway since I have the super tough Continental Hardshell tires on Icarus, and I want to go climbing so big hills. I’m even considering doing Fountain Hills ride backward so I can climb up the 10% inclines versus rolling down them. The point is, I just want to ride and am tired of being put on pause since all of the crap that has landed on our plate since January.


I still pedal in my sleep and wake with cramps like I had ridden my bike hundreds of miles in my dreams. I still think more about riding extreme distances over getting a deep breath of air. Today I’m going on a journey to wherever and until I get back I don’t know when I’ll be done or how far of a distance I’m going. Our son and his wife promised to look after our dog for us and Annika will be tracking me on my Spot GPS tracker, this is a much needed long distance bike ride.

I used to get up early and just get on my bike and pedal, most of those mornings I’d end up coming back at close to the end of the day with 80-100 miles on my legs and still be ready to go; I miss that. I may even go to Tucson by bike today just to do it. Maybe a smooth ride uphill to Carefree, who knows; it’s just time to enjoy the air and ride for fun.

I haven’t checked the weather yet, either way, I’m going out for a bit.

Our dog slept on my head a lot last night. The last few days she has been taking over the pillows back and forth from Annika’s to mine, it’s quite funny. She has been acting much better yesterday and today. Huge thanks for the comments yesterday and the support here on the site and on Patreon. Have an epic adventure day, I’m gonna start getting my gear together.

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