An awesome early morning bike ride in the rain

Yesterday morning was the first day in a long time that things went as planned, or at least somewhat. My goal was to get on my bike and to go for an awesome adventure bike ride to wherever and for however long of a distance, this goal did happen. I left out at 4:20am MST yesterday and it was pitch black outside, the road was quiet for the most part so I could easily jump on the road and haul some butt. I turned on my Spot GPS and my bike computer then began pedaling my road bike (Icarus), within seconds I was going 28 mph and smiling.

17 minutes later I had made it to Via De Ventura and still had not stopped pedaling, the roads were still very calm. I had decided that I’d attempt to find my way to Carefree Arizona since Pima had no traffic at the moment. I went under the bridge and through the light as I turned left onto 90th street, I didn’t realize I made a wrong turn. Pedaling faster and faster with nothing but the feeling of happiness while riding my bike by myself I continued to just go forward on any road as long as I thought I was going the right direction. A few minutes later I come up to a stop light that said Pima road so I got in the left turn lane to turn. Riding down Pima I started seeing buildings that looked familiar and a few moments later I’d realized I did a huge loop back to where I’d gotten onto 90th street, lol. Oops.

I rode my bike to Fountain Hills at 4:30am | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

I crossed the street onto the Bike path and headed towards Mountain View to ride into Fountain Hills, at least doing this I knew where I was going. It was still pitch black outside and I started feeling raindrops every few seconds. A few minutes later the rain started pouring down like I had come up into a storm, it was awesome. I hadn’t ridden in the rain before and was quite happy to do so. I texted Annika to let her know and then I started riding back towards Scottsdale away from the storm.

I rode my bike to Fountain Hills at 4:30am | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
I rode my bike to Fountain Hills at 4:30am | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

At this point, I was 17 miles into my ride and was pretty content with the outcome so far. The morning air was perfect, the temperature felt right and the roads were perfect to be riding on, the only downside was my light was going dead. The Cyglolite Metro 700 bike light after 1 hour and 30 minutes on full charge went completely dead. I’m thankful that I have 2 bike lights and I’m quite bummed that this light died out so fast and I have had minimal use since I’d bought it. This is the 3rd, maybe the 4th time I’ve even had to turn the light on for a bike ride and to find out they don’t last very long it was sad. 2 out of 5 star review for the Cyglolite Metro 700 bike light, I’m going to find a new bike light to replace this one.

I didn’t let the failing Cyglolite Metro 700 bike light ruin my fun bike ride, I turned on my 1600 Lumen light and continued to pedal down the road. Once I turned on my 1600 lumen within minutes daylight started to shine through the sky so I didn’t need lights on much longer. I’d made it away from the raining area and back into Scottsdale, what an epic morning bike ride. 30 miles of pedaling and I was back home by 6:30am, time to get cleaned up, wash my bike and have some breakfast.

Our son made this for me | Paracord Voodoo Doll | MattyAndAnnika
Our son made this for me | Paracord Voodoo Doll | MattyAndAnnika

I was tired after the bike ride so once I’d cleaned up things I took a short nap when I woke my son had a surprise for me. He had made me a Paracord Voodoo Doll to put onto my bike so that he knew he loved me when I was out on long distances, this made my day. I quickly mounted the Voodoo Doll onto my road bike (Icarus) and it will be there forever.

The day was still going by so nicely and then when Annika was coming home she texted to say that her cousin was coming by that he had arrived from Vermont, woohoo the day got better. He is a firefighter and he is passing through as he heads into work in California. We spent some time with him as our son and I started getting dinner made.

My Strava Stats - March 21-2019 | MattyAndAnnika
My Strava Stats – March 21-2019 | MattyAndAnnika

Yesterday was just awesome and finally, life feels like it used to. Annika and I ended the night quickly after our dinner and got to sleep by 7pm without watching a movie. Now it’s time to have our morning coffee as we spend our morning chilling before we work and begin this adventure. Today my son and I plan to go on a bike ride together, if we do then awesome and if we don’t then that’s awesome too. He and I also plan to help a neighbor do some digging in their back patio so they can transplant some of their outside plants.

Whatever we do today we will let ya know in the morning, time for a cup of coffee and some family time. Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today. Oh, and we will have a new video up on our YouTube very soon, woohoo.


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