I’m planning a bike ride to Coolidge and back

I’ve been having a difficult time getting back on my bike for long distance riding due to some concerns with our dog and some other things. A lot of our concerns have calmed down and it’s time for me to do some long distance riding so I’ve picked out a simple ride. The bike ride is 51 miles there and 51 miles back, a bike ride from Scottsdale Arizona to Coolidge and back.

103 miles to Coolidge and Back to Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
103 miles to Coolidge and Back to Scottsdale | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

I’m not sure which day I will be taking this ride as it could be as early as tomorrow or as lat eas two weeks from now. The point is, this is a bike ride that I will be taking very soon. It’s a nice preparation ride to help me work towards riding to Tucson as it is close to the halfway point. The bike ride according to Google Maps it will take 8 hours and 40 minutes, it could take a little longer or a lot less.

My goal is to do the ride there and back just to enjoy it, I’m not planning to go super fast nor do I plan to go super slow; I’ll ride the route and enjoy it. I do plan to run the GoPro here and there so that I have some film of the trip. I do plan on going by myself however if a friend wants to go with they are welcome to come. I don’t plan on stopping often except for water if I need it and to take some photos etc; so no stopping every 20 minutes for an hour break. I’ve never been to Coolidge so I’m pretty excited to see another city especially by bike per our city goal.

Coolio everyone, time to get some more of my day going. This is a plan that I will be doing within the next two weeks and/or anytime within the 2 week period. If I wake tomorrow and feel good enough then I’m going. If anyone would like to support me on this ride consider becoming a Patreon or donations are always welcome and appreciated.

Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.

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