Some climbing in Zwift and wow my legs are sore

Yesterday was planned to go for a bike ride with my son however, as usual, that didn’t happen so after a long wait I decided to do some Zwift. I’m working towards getting my leg muscles back to what they were before this year started and before I damaged my leg so I went for some climbing. Innsbruck has some excellent hills to climb so that was the plan. I pedaled uphill the entire short ride that I did until the temperature in the room forced me to stop. Overheating quickly when doing indoors due to the air conditioning chillers not being turned on yet.

The hill climbing went well and once it got too hot to ride I went straight for outside to cool off before a cold shower to bring my temperature down. I only puked 3 times today, not bad. Today I am aiming to go back outside for a nice bike ride, I’d like to ride 50 miles however every plan goes south in a hurry so I won’t even say it. I’ve reached out to my friend John to see if he wants to go and hadn’t heard anything yet so playing it by ear. Depending on if John goes with or not will determine how early I go for my ride, I prefer to go as early as possible, that cool air in the early hours feels so good.

I’m not planning a direction, just to ride. My current goal is to slowly work towards getting my miles back up to par. If I can get 200 miles this week then next week I aim for 250-300 miles for the week and continue trying to improve until I get to where I need to be.

The Air conditioning should be on within the week, fingers crossed as it is getting very warm indoors. Time to have my coffee with Annika, have an epic adventure day today and thanks for the support.

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