Gonna be a chill day with Annika

Good morning and that we hope it stays. Yesterday was a day spent around the house and getting errands done. Our dog spent the whole day deciding if she was gonna eat or not and finally did before it was time for bed. Annika and I relaxed after getting new tires for our car. We watched a crappy movie called A.X.L. (2018), basically, they took Short Circuit and E.T. and got some crappy scriptwriters with some bad actors and made a film for Melinniels. The movie is not worth watching and we give it 1 out of 5 stars.

We checked out the movie because my son thought it was awesome as he had watched it 2 times in one day, I couldn’t force myself to do that after seeing it once.

So yes, Annika and I relaxed to a bad movie and got some sleep. Today we haven’t decided what we’re doing, maybe ride our bikes, maybe go for a joy ride in our car; it’s unclear. The plan for the day is simple, we are going to have fun together and we will share the outcome later. I do know we have lots of things that we need to get to done and typically when it’s our day together we get stuck rushing through getting a bunch of stuff done that we lose track on making it just fun. We’re not gonna do that anymore.

Something interesting came out of yesterday. I may have found something for me to do for a few hours here and there which will allow me some thinking time away from everything, and make a little extra funds at the same time that can go towards riding bikes. If things go the way they’re looking to go then this can really be a fun and good thing.

Today I’m not sure if I want to focus on riding or not. I’d love to just do something as a family whether it be just go sightseeing or just have a food fight in the kitchen together. Either way, the day goes as long as it is spent with my awesome wife then I’m pretty stoked. Whelp, it’s time to get the day started. Thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today, I’m turning my ringer off. Have a great weekend.

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