A nice short hike yesterday and some family time

Yesterday we took it easy for the first time in a while. Annika and I got up to start the day and decided that we weren’t planning anything. We put our hiking gear in the back of the car and went for a ride. After a bit of a ride and some chatting, we decided that we should take a small short hike so we went to the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead and hike the Ringtail Trail. The Ringtail trail is short and simple, just a quick 2 miles and some quiet time, it was a very nice hike. We finished our hike and then headed over to have our car washed and then headed over to Loco Patrons on Northsight to enjoy our burrito which they no longer have.

Loco Patrons had new management, the same management from Old Town Scottsdale and he made the big decision to ruin the menu, what an idiot. The upside to the story, Loco Patrons on Northsight is still our favorite cause the people are epic; the new management just made a stupid business choice and ruined the food. Jeremy for the win!.

So after our quick lunch, we grabbed a bottled Coke and went to visit Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix. The shop was packed as we played around with various bikes. I finally test rode a Specialized Roubaix and I must say, “Oh my god those bikes are heavy crap”. So from the first day, my buddy showed me his Specialized bike we have lost all interest in those bikes as a whole. His bike was bulky, very heavy; much heavier than my mountain bike and it was a Roubaix as well. For the longest time, we took into the consideration that his bike wasn’t full carbon and maybe that’s why it was like that, well it wasn’t. I hopped on the top end Specialized Roubaix yesterday and first off the bike was almost twice the weight of my TCR. It had Ultegra gear but looked and felt like 105 with its silver (chrome) rear cassette, it had a sluggish feel when pedaling it. The bike rode like a cheap Walmart bike and honestly that totally finalized our decision on that brand altogether. The bike prices at $3500 and isn’t worth $1,000, my mind is blown as to how many people ride those bikes and it shows that it is just a fad to have one like thy neighbor cause they are crap. Okay, so I said my piece on those crap bikes; back to the fun.

We finished up chilling with Dave and the team at Bike Barn then headed back home to chill with our son and his wife before we went out to family dinner. We headed over to one of our favorite places, REI of Chandler. We window shopped for bikepacking gear and enjoyed our time there visiting staff and checking ou tall of the goodies. We bought some of our favorite marshmallow snacks and then proceeded back home. We dropped off our son and his wife so that we could get over to our normal Sunday dinner. Once again dinner was like Thanksgiving, several dishes and fun times. The night was fun and Annika and I got an epic nights sleep. We did sleep in and haven’t figured out what we’re doing today, either way, we’re making the best of it as a family.

Today we will simply live it. Thanks for the support and have an epic adventure day; we’re going to figure out what it is we’re doing after this cup of coffee.

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