A great hike with Annika

Whelp the first of the day was epic. Annika and I went hiking and did the Sunrise Trail, what an epic climb. The hike was tough, fun, and beautiful, Annik and I did 5.8 miles in through the trail and back. We did take the GoPro and done quite a bit of video, we had a blast.

We will post some of the videos to our YouTube over the next few days.

We did have a wonderful day that turned into an epic disaster not too much later. Once again we had to endure another Jerry Springer fiasco and it finally ended with sending the problem on its way out of our home. At this point, it is difficult to continue writing this post however we did commit to writing a daily post of what is going on in our lives.

Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.

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  1. I am so sorry. Mr. Ink and I are no strangers to the drama adult(ish) children bring into lives. All my sympathy. I hope all the best to all of you involved.

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