Clean up on isle 2

I’d say the title hits the nail on the head. Finally Annika and I are able to start getting our lives back in a few days. Saturday will be the last day the daily headache we’ve endured since January. We will finally have our home to ourselves and we will be able to get our lives organized again.

It’s been beyond stressful and Monday was one of the worst days this year. As they say in the movie InsideOut “the foot is down!”. Beginning April, Annika and I will be able to start picking of the pieces and begin getting life back in order where it had been so badly disrupted. This means we will be able to once again, plan rides, go hiking, and go do some Zwift.

The next few days we are simply waiting patiently until the house gets cleared out so we can get back to a happy life. We don’t plan on riding, Zwifting, hiking or doing much of anything till the thorn has been removed from our sides; we can’t wait. Saturday after we clear out our home, Annika and I are going to a party/dinner with family.

So that’s the update and it’s time to get some things done around our home. Hugs and thanks for the support, have an epic adventure day.


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