The air conditioning is back woohoo

Spring is here and the HOA has finally turned the chillers back on so that our condos have air conditioning, woohoo, finally! We turned the air down as low as it could go and enjoyed waking up freezing in our home for a change bundled in blankets. Now that the air conditioning is back on and controllable within our condo, I can get back on Zwift and ride indoor much easier without the chance of passing out. It looks like everything is falling into place and our lives can once again go back to normal.

Yesterday was chill and relaxing as we declared the day movie day with some relaxation as each day will be till Saturday. The plan from now until Saturday is simply to relax and enjoy the chill time as we see our lives coming back to us. Saturday Night Annika and I are doing some things with family and Sunday her and I will go for a nice bike ride. Monday we have a few early morning errands and afterward, we will be able to ride all the time like we used to do; we’re extremely excited.

Today I may clean our bikes and do some tuning up to get them ready. I do know that I reset all of our networks within our home and need to recalibrate my trainer and sensors for some indoor Zwift stuff which will be coming up as well. After doing some Math my yearly goal is still very possible once my legs are back up to par and I will continue to reach it. We also will be uploading a new video by the 1st of May, things have just been so much out of our hands lately it’s been impossible to keep anything on track.

Yesterday our dog was acting much better! She is eating regularly and yesterday the moment she woke, she began playing and running all over the house. She is still very skinny however you can see her belly slowly getting bigger. On the belly issue, I’ve lost over 10 pounds due to all of the stress this year. I had built up a little belly and it is for the most part gone and very noticeable. The upside is that I wanted to lose a little weight anyway. I went from 164 pounds to just touching the 150 mark. I do still get sick after I eat most of the time and some days I just get sick a few times whether or not if I eat. My doctor moved to Texas to work elsewhere and I’m in the process of finding a new doctor. I do know that once the stress is gone things will mellow out.

The best part of all of this is that life will finally be back the normal track for Annika and I starting April 1st. We will have our bike room back, we will no longer have an uncontrollable Jerry Springer show in our home. There will no longer be things or foods in our home that we do not approve of or consume. We will finally be able to make a plan and actually have nothing in the way of it taking place. The stress level will be back to zero as it has been for years before January 13th. I look forward to normalcy.

So that’s the plan for the day and the update from yesterday, it’s time to have that cup of coffee. Maybe I should have some waffles covered in peanut butter, jelly, and syrup? Every day for the next couple of days we hope to be enjoying. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for the support.


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