So excited that I can’t think straight

The air is finally clean and breathable. The title pretty much says it all as last night our son and his girl hit the road for a new place to continue to do badly. When we started taking their stuff to their rides car even our neighbors were happy for us. The last few months have an absolute soul-sucking nightmare that will never get an opportunity to happen again. Their ride arrived and we moved as quickly as we could to get their stuff out the door as possible. It took about 10 minutes and we were heading back towards our condo with for the first time in a long time, absolute peace. It was like a truckload of poop was removed from our lives and we’re so excited it’s hard for me to relax at all.

Annika fell right asleep, I almost did; however, my mind is racing to clean the bike room and to be back on my bike soon. The next few days we will be putting things back together in preparation for adventure cycling to get back on track. I’m planning to scrub our house, wash all of our bikes, and even just maybe fully rearrange the house to get rid of that stale feeling of the last few months. We’re looking forward to enjoying life again, riding toward our goals, hiking as much as we can and back to doing some traveling too. We plan to make up for lost time and lost happiness. Our son and his girl visiting almost destroyed us on the inside. It was a very down experience to that everyone they meet is just a stepping stone to the land of toilets, we hope one day they grow up and stop.

With that drama crap out of our home, we’re hopeful that our dog starts acting better, she responds to all of the ups and downs. The last few days have been on eggshells trying to smile while we waited on the final day of them here. Today’s plan is to enjoy some real family time and some dinner together, maybe some simple relaxation for a change. This morning and Sunday I do aim to get the house a bit cleaner given the mess those two left us. We found old dishes covered in food in the closet, wow is all we could say. Monday we have a few errands to run early and by Tuesday we aim to be back on our bikes daily.

It’s certainly time to start putting things back to where they were and forget the loses and move forward. Fill the cabinets and fridge with tons of clean food and get our daily lifestyle back to where we were before all of the crap. Hugs and loves to the few people who checked in on us and thanks so much to our Patreon supporters. Oh and huge thanks to our now 169 followers here on our blog. Now, let’s get things back on track and start knocking out some miles starting in April. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support, it means a lot.

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