What an epic day it was and is

Yesterday was epic, so epic that we slept in till almost 10am today. Annika and I spent time with her mom and day, sister and the rest of the family as we enjoyed dinner together. It was all about family and relaxation, we even watched a ton of basketball together while dinner was being made.

Our dog did a lot better yesterday and she even ate 3 bowls of her food, you could tell that the stress has left our household and things were already getting better. This morning has already started perfect, we got a good nights rest and our dog woke us in the middle of the night eating. She is very perky this morning and we’re really excited too. We visited Dave yesterday to return a few helmets and to chat, we’re also going to Bike Barn today to visit again. I’m returning the loan rim and going back to outside riding for a while until I get a rim for Zwift. On April 2nd I plan to be back riding long distances and long hours on my bike, I’m so excited.

We do have a bit of a cold but it’s much better than having a daily headache that won’t go away. We’re pounding down some medications for it and getting life moving forward. Today will be filled with enjoyment, laughter, and conversations about bikes; life is good.

It’s a short one today gang as we have lots to do today, hugs and thanks for the support. Have an epic adventure day!

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