Another epic day with the movie Dumbo

Annika and I made a day out of yesterday! We visited Bike Barn to see Dave and the team, we also visited REI in Chandler for some goodies; then we visited Jason at another local bike shop. After visiting a few of our favorite spots and doing some shopping we decided to go get some lunch. Annika took me out for lunch in my favorite spot, Roadhouse Cinemas of Scottsdale. We went to have a quick lunch and she noticed that Dumbo (2019) directed by Tim Burton was seating; we got tickets and ordered our food once we were seated.

Roadhouse Cinemas of Scottsdale will always be our favorite place to watch any movie. The staff there are always excellent and everything about the theater is superb. The movie “Dumbo” turned out to be extremely well done, 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

5 Star Rating

Annika says it has its tear-jerking spots, the film was amazing; well done Tim Burton and the entire staff. It being a Tim Burton film said enough for us to check it out and we were not let down by any means. This is a great film to check out.

After the film, Annika and I headed back to the house to spend time with our dog which is acting so much better, and then we did some pc gaming. We played a few rounds of Overwatch and kicked back to another movie in our house before calling it a day. The plan today is simple, we have a few early morning errands and then we’re gonna ride our bikes. We’re aiming to do a short but fun bike ride and then maybe get a start on our bike room and gym; the whole day yesterday was epic and I’m certain today will be as well. On that note, thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.


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  1. Maybe I can use this to persuade my daughter to take the grandkids to it — she has been holding back on the grounds that it is too sad.

  2. Glad to hear your dog has recovered. I’m old enough to have seen the original Dumbo – so sad!

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