Life is finally beautiful again

Yesterday was so epic that we slept in a bit this morning. The day started with our normal cup of coffee and a few errands that lead to the trails to hike. We made it up to the other side of Sunrise Trailhead in Fountain Hills which was where we were gonna start. When we got out of our car and started gearing up we were warned of a 5-foot rattlesnake sitting on the trail just up the hill. We thought about it for a moment and decided to go over to the Lost Dog Trailhead side since it was more populated to avoid the change of running into a rattler. Yes, the snakes and critters are out and we don’t want to disturb them any more than they want to bother us.

Rattlesnakes | Lost Dog Wash | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika
Rattlesnakes | Lost Dog Wash | Hiking | MattyAndAnnika

When we got to Lost Dog Wash the snake warning signs were up. I love how their signs are noted so that people are told not to harm the snakes. We started a short hike to stretch our legs and get some enjoyment outside and it was a beautiful chill hike. After our hike, we headed back home to do a few things to our gym and bike room and to just relax a bit. We popped in a movie to watch while we chilled with our dog then decided it was time to get some ice cream. I hadn’t had Dairy Queen since I was a kid so we went to the one on Scottsdale Rd and Oak. Butter Finger Blizzard and a Chocolate cover cone for Annika, so yummy. We took our ice cream back home to just relax the day away and enjoy our lives together.

I think the last few months of torture that Annika, our dog and I have had to endure, had lead up to this much needed time off away from everything. When I was sleeping this morning I kept waking feeling like I was on a beach somewhere happy as could be. We slept in till 8 and it’s our day off. We’re talking about riding our bikes and yes that is our plan and then we have some things to do around our house before our work week starts tomorrow. If we ride we will and if we don’t we won’t. The most important thing for us right now is that thanks to the drama being gone our dog are doing much better and Annika and I can finally breathe again.

We are reevaluating a few things in our life and one is our Patreon Page. Doing our Patreon was to allow people who support what we’re doing with cycling and hiking can support if they want to. We added things like Discord and a few other things and over time we wonder why we put so much effort into it. Annika and I will never be that big YouTuber, and we have no plans to be a popular streamer; we’re just not the sheeple type. We do what we love and we share it, that’s it. Those who support us we’re thankful for. As time goes by we will stepping further and further from the internet as we’ve been saying and everything we do will be here on our site. We’re even debating self-hosted videos to do away with YouTube and all of the social networks. Our goal with sharing what we’re doing is to share it with people who have interest and not to be something people like because someone else thinks it’s cool. The few people on Patreon that support us are to us like family and to a few of them, they feel the same about us. We spend time with our friends and family as we can.

Annika and I plan on many adventures over time, long bike rides, hikes, snowboarding trips, bikepacking trips and much more. Over the short amount of time that we started doing all of this we’ve jumped in head first and have reached a lot of big achievements. We’ve also in the process got a ton of things landed on us during these crazy goals which made something very difficult and others temporarily impossible. All of our goals we will reach, some things just will take a bit more time to get to. We’re gonna start spreading things out a bit so that we have time to recover from and heal in between.

Alright, time to do the do. It’s coffee time. Thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today.

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