Getting the bike room back together

Since the 29th of March when we finally got our lives and happiness back, we’ve been slowly one day at a time putting things back together at home. Lot’s of cleaning up and tons of rearranging things to get back to some sort of normalcy, then there’s the bike room and gym. January up until the end of March we’ve had some of our bikes in our bedroom and some in our living room/office, it’s been cluttered but tolerated. Now that we have our other room back for our gym and bikes it’ll be back to roomy and peaceful again.

We’ve been basically spring cleaning and getting a little exercise in here and there in between it all. Annika and I did get to take a short bike ride yesterday and it was nice to be able to get on our bikes and leave our house without the worry of will our house be safe while we’re gone feelings going on. We are slowly going to be getting back to riding and hiking as our bodies and minds slowly start to relax again.

We have been enjoying the quiet time. We’ve enjoyed that we don’t have to clean our entire kitchen 5-10 times a day, it’s now only one time a day. We now are back to taking out the trash once every two days versus 2 to 3 times a day. The groceries in our cabinets and fridge are enough for Annika and me for about two months where we were spending 3 times more when they were here. Annika and I only had to do grocery shopping once a month and we were doing so every week. Such a huge set of weights has been taken off of us and I think now it’s getting over the shellshock feeling and being able to live again; that’s where we are right now. PC gaming, TV Time, dinner for two with our happy dog; it’s finally nice again.

Last night I didn’t get any sleep due to a cold coming on. Congestion with a cough and add heartburn to that mix and sleep wasn’t gonna happen. This morning I plan to try and kick this cold in the butt so that I can get to riding my bike more than likely tomorrow if the congestion goes away. The upside to this is it also gives me some time at home once I’m rested to go through some more of setting up our bike room. We’re looking to turn the extra bathroom into a bike washroom with spray hose hooked up to the shower. We are looking into wall mounts since we are looking to get our Surly Pugsley’s next.

Alright, it’s time for coffee and some rest, my brain is starting to hurt. Hugs and thanks for the support. Huge thanks to Sinister Guitar Picks for Ordering the Red Scorpion. Have an epic adventure day.

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