Our dog is having a really rough time today

They’re 2 main things on this planet that keep me stable in life, Annika and our dog. Our dog has one small kidney and her levels went into overdrive a few months back. Today I’ve watched our dog (which is like our kid) falling over as she walks. She hasn’t been able to hardly eat today and is very lethargic and wobbly. She is almost 9 years old and is very precious to us. We used to get woke to kisses and pouncing on us from her and now when we wake she can hardly get up from the bed.

Our baby is really sick and not feeling good at all today
Our baby is really sick and not feeling good at all today

We’re taking our little sticker to her vet this afternoon which she will probably get fluid injections again. She currently gets Pedialyte mixed in her bottled water, sometimes some Ensure. She has special prescription food on top of custom-cooked meals when she can’t eat. Today nothing is working. I look at her and I know that time is running out and it is tearing me apart even the thought of it. I keep looking at the videos of her playing and the pictures of her when she was little.

Our sugar butt when she in 2014
Our sugar butt in 2014

She has been a huge part of our lives and some of the happiest as well. I really would love to have another 30-40 years with her in our lives. Hoping she has a better day tomorrow and hoping she gets to feeling better very soon today.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am so sooo sorry. It’s so difficult to have our small animal companions feeling poorly, and the thought of losing them is downright panic-inducing. It’s such a helpless feeling since there are few ways for them to communicate how they are feeling. Wishing you guys the best and hoping she begins to feel a little better soon. 9 years is definitely not enough with a favorite pup.

  2. I’m so sorry I had mistakenly thought she’d recovered. It must be tough dealing with her health challenges. She looks such a sweetie.

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