Still tending to our dog however life is much better

Our nerves are calming and it’s nice to be able to breathe the air. Our dog is doing much better with relaxing however her condition isn’t something that will go away. Every day is an uphill battle to find foods that will entice her to eat. The upside to the last few days is the stress in our home has officially gone forever so now it’s just the food factor. She has been much more playful though a lot of the times we put down her food she looks at us like she is starving while not having any desire to touch the food. We’ve found that it is like she doesn’t know that the food is there in some ways. If we put our finger in the food then touch her lips, she immediately starts eating like she couldn’t smell it. Then they’re the days that all we have to do is say “are ya hungry?” and she will immediately start eating when handed her food.

Today is looking like a good day however yesterday we couldn’t get her to eat more than one bowl of her food. We tried everything and all of the meal choices and none caught her attention. She tossed and turned all night until this morning when within minutes after touching the food to her lips she ate most of her bowl in one sitting. Daily we hope for her to get better however there isn’t any getting better. It’s each day hoping for her to have better days as this is part of the illness that she has to endure the rest of her days.

My day today is in the air. I’m still congested and coughing however I did get a bit of sleep last night and feel a bit better. If I start to feel better and our dog is doing good then I’m going to attempt a bike ride and get my cycling fix on. Every day for a bit we will be playing by ear as things get better or worse, the upside once again is Annika and I have our life and happiness back.

On the cycling topic, I did watch a movie yesterday called “Backpedal”. It’s a documentary about Charleston South Carolina and how hard it was for them to get some sort of bicycle-friendly paths and routes. After watching this documentary I can forever say to hell with that city. If you’re a human being and watch this documentary you’ll understand why we will never visit or ride in that city. It took a crapload of press, and over 30 years, along with people resigning to get anything done. On another note to watch all of the car drivers riding pass the video camera giving the cyclist middle fingers and trying to push them off of the road while blowing the horn tells me the people there are crap too. So the point of this note on the film is this:

Backpedal was a well-done documentary and the town management that held it all back stretching the dates with lies can rot. So yes a town we will never visit will forever be Charleston South Carolina for its ignorance toward humanity and cyclist.

Alright, gang, it’s that time. We wish you an epic adventure day today and thanks for the support from our followers here on our website and our Patreon supporters.

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