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Yesterday was a rough day for our dog as the post said late yesterday afternoon. We ended up taking our dog to the vet to have some fluid injections while she got looked over to see how she was. The outcome is her vet said that she was okay and was just having an off day and that this was just part of the process. Our dog has lost even more weight and starting to show more signs of other health issues that run in her breed as well as her family. Her mom, when she was our dog’s age, collapsed in my parents’ yard just randomly and lost the use of her rear legs and hips. Neurological issues and brittle bone are starting to show so her vet put her on an additional medicine to help with any pain. She still hadn’t eaten any more from yesterday and we’re awaiting her to try her morning breakfast, but we were told that some days would be like this to just continue to try and feed her and keep her happy.

This mornings plan will be to keep an eye on our dog as I try and help a friend with her website. Since we’re not getting a lot of miles in riding our bike, Annika and I decided that we’d aim for a city per week to reach, by bike or hike to knock off of our list of cities to visit in Arizona. This seems to be a good way to tackle some adventure time in Arizona and give us time to take care of things around here while we nurse our dog back together.

Our handmade Red Scorpions | MattyAndAnnika
Our handmade Red Scorpions | MattyAndAnnika

We did get to make one of our Red Scorpions that was ordered the other day and shipped it out. We may even take some time to put together a few paracord items for our shop sometime this weekend. As for our bike or hike adventure this weekend, I do know we’re aiming to be on our bike and the ride will be between 50-100 miles. I’m not sure what city we will be visiting yet and I do know that over the next few months we will be heading to Texas and New Mexico also, not sure if these trips will be bike and/or hike related yet.

Huge hugs to the few people who reached out yesterday about our dog, that meant a lot as I was having a really rough day trying to keep sain while I kept an eye on her. On that note, it’s time to get some coffee in me and to get another day started. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much for the support here and on our Patreon Page.

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  1. I hope today goes much better than yesterday. I don’t want to be that annoying advice giver. However, I am very involved with a local to me rescue group, one of the things they often suggest for dogs that don’t want to eat or are having any type of digestive issues is adding goats milk to her food. I just wondered if your vet has suggested that yet. If not, you may want to give that a little research and see if that is something that could help in any way. I don’t want to just sit on that tip and not say anything in case it could help in any way.

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