I’m thinking about cycling all the time

So, I’m certainly ready to start doing some long distance bike riding however so many things have been getting in the way it has become hard to get started. We have a city goal that shows the list of every city and town in Arizona and we plan to visit every one of them by bike. Our schedule has been very disrupted so far this year so we decided to try to aim small at first and try to ride to one city a week while we get our legs back.

The shortest ride to a city and back are roughly a 50-60 mile trip and takes 4-6 hours. I haven’t an issue with the time it takes nor the distance, however, with our dog being ill it’s difficult to be away knowing she could have troubles while I’m away.

I’m thinking about going down the list of cities and towns and doing them one at a time at every available possibility or one to two big rides a week. I may even go out for a big ride this weekend, right now I’m waiting to see how our dog is doing before since she had an episode last night.

Now a quick update on our dog:

Yesterday we decided to make her home cooked meal as a test since she spent all day without touching any food; “she ate it like it was going out of style!”. She perked up so much that it was like nothing was wrong anymore. Now being that she ate that meal, if she continues then I should be good to ride my bike some. All though…

Our dog had a seizure last night and thankfully we were able to get her safely out of it. We thought we lost her so I stayed awake all night watching her. Several times during the night she would have little panics. After her seizure, she perked up again as if nothing happened. She was hungry so we cooked her another meal. She ate and was ready to go back to bed.

Each day we play by ear and we share how things are going as they happen. Huge thanks to the awesome people who wrote in about her the last few days, we’re very appreciative of the feedback as well. We will always keep you all up to date as to how she is doing here on our website cause she is part of our life adventures and a huge part of our happiness.

If I do head out for a long distance ride today or this weekend, the goal will be to visit a city that I hadn’t ridden to yet. You can see the list of cities on our plan page. I will do some video with our camera and GoPro and hopefully, soon render some out for our YouTube Channel as soon as we get a chance.

Hugs and many thanks to our awesome supporters on Patreon and our 175+ blog followers here on our website. Have an epic adventure day and thanks for being part of our lives!

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