The day was spent with our dog

Yesterday was a bit better however I didn’t sleep much. Our dog perked up a bit and she did eat a fair amount. We spoke to her vet and the plan is that our dog will get oxygen therapy to help with her organs.

She is between stage 3 and 4 of CKD, so some days are worse than others. She has started having seizures and we know that every day with her could be the last. Knowing what the future holds we’re being sure to enjoy the time we have with her.

Her vet has multiple plans in motion, first of which is the oxygen therapy which she is starting right away. Our dog also gets hydration injections while having prescription foods. She is still playful when she isn’t out of it and she knows she is loved. Right now our day to day is all about her until things get a little better stabilized.

On another note we will take some time to get some videos up on YouTube Channel this weekend. Alright it’s that time.

Time for some coffee. Huge thanks to our Patreon supporters and all of the amazing followers here on our website. Have an epic adventure day.

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    1. thanks again my friend. she is so much better today, prancing around the house. she is going in today for some oxygen therapy and she ate really well yesterday. she has already ate her breakfast this morning.

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