A nice chill day with a walk

The day was chill as we spent it with our dog. She was peppy however she didn’t eat much. During the day Annika and I went for a nice walk to enjoy the outdoors. We checked out an open house to see what the places looked like for the price, sadly they had HOA so we left.

We visited Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix and test rode a nice looking Trek Domane SL-6, it rode very nicely. It had Ultegra 8000 with some 700×32 tires. The bike was heavier than my TCR however it had a lot of benefits to it that my bike doesn’t have. The price tag wasn’t that bad, it priced a little lower than if my bike were brand new. After visiting Dave we rode around a little bit to just get out of the house for a few minutes.

We did a little bit of pc gaming on some Overwatch while snacking and playing with our dog; there are so many cheaters on Overwatch it’s insane. Dinner and a movie to end the day and now here we are getting ready for another adventure. While we kick back to our morning cup of coffee we are debating on going for a quick bike ride. We’re a bit nervous to go for a bike ride given how our dog has been acting but if she stays perky then maybe it’ll be alright.

We love to ride our bikes and are missing it daily but our dog’s health takes priority above it all. We will get back to riding hardcore in the coming future, right now it’s just getting our dog stable first. Huge thanks to those who have been keeping a check on our dog and reading our blog, you all rock. Well, it’s that time again; gonna cut this short. Huge thanks to our Patreon supporters and the awesome followers of our blog, have an epic adventure day.

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