So far so good

Yesterday went pretty well for the most part, actually all of it. We slept in a bit and then woke to spend time with our dog before we had to run some errands. We decided that since we needed to keep close eyes on our dog then we’d get some much-needed things done.

We’ve been looking for someone who needed a kitchen table and chairs for a while in our area before we took ours to donate it or toss it. It was a nice solid build table with the middle part to make it longer or shorter. 4 comfy chairs with wheels and cushions to top off the table and no one ever responded to wanted it or not. This morning we packed it up into our Mini Cooper and headed to the Salvation Army to be told that they won’t take the furniture since we took it apart to pack and load it. They would only take it if we wanted to sit in the parking lot and rebuild it for them, wow what douchebags. Salvation Army is happy to take everyone’s stuff and sell it for profit, you’ll never see them give something to anyone without earning from mass media exposure or charging homeless for it. We laughed at the idiot and headed over to the Goodwill which is basically the same type of business (*cough…. none profit that makes a profit). They were very happy to take the table and chairs to make sure it was available for someone who needed one. Gotta love all of these none profit places rolling in all the money while watching all in need do without; either way we gave them something they can sell to someone.

After getting rid of the table and chairs we did some massive cleaning in our gym and we also threw out a ton of storage stuff. We’ve decided that if we don’t use it all the time then we don’t need it. Over the next few weeks, we will be getting rid of our entertainment center and a few other pieces of furniture. The less bulky items we have the easier it will be when we’re traveling and when we go off grid.

So after doing some organizing and cleaning up the house we gave our dog a bath and chilled out to some awesome street tacos from Costco. Another movie, gaming, family night with Annika, myself, and our awesome loving dog.

Oh, btw we did put up a new video on our YouTube channel, here it is.

Alright, you know what time it is. Coffee and figure the day out, woohoo! Thanks so much for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day today.


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