What an awesome day with an epic walk

First off let me give you an update on our dog. Yesterday our dog went into her vet to have hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help with her CKD and oh wow what a difference it made. The last few days our dog has been slowly acting better however after the oxygen therapy it’s like we have our dog back in full swing again. When we left her vet she was calm all the way home at complete relax mode. We made it home and she was still happy and relaxed and she ate a nice helping of her food right off the bat. We’ve decided to have this procedure done 2 times a week to help rejuvenate her organs in hopes to help with any other issues she may run into over time. So in short, our dog is doing so much better at the moment; huge thanks for all of the get well messages that were sent to her.

Since our dog was feeling better, Annika and I took a nice walk around our city again. We’ve started to enjoy a few miles a day walk and considering in the near future maybe doing some running. We’ve realized that when it comes to our day to day life, we don’t ride in our car very much and we spend much more time outside than anything else. With work travel, weekly errands, shopping, going out with family each week; we are in a car for a maximum of 150 miles a week. That amount of miles in a car per week is less than 25 miles a day which is epic when it comes to the use of fuel which we try to avoid doing every chance we can.

When we’re not on our bikes riding we walk in the ballpark of 20 miles a week or more. We exercise daily, we hike at least 1 time a week; most of our daily or weekly exercise we don’t bother tracking on sites like Strava, etc cause that’s just a bit foolish to track your every move. We track our bike rides, hiking, and maybe in the near future track running and swimming. We only track our miles for things like that for our website and Patreon followers and to keep up with how many miles were able to do for personal achievements and goals. I am thinking about jumping on Zwift for a while to be able to ride my bike while keeping an eye on our dog. Riding indoors will at least allow me to keep my muscles building on the times that I cannot be out of the house.

Now for the plan today. Annika and I have decided to take our bikes out for a short ride. We may ride between 10-30 miles all depending on how we’re feeling and how our dog is doing between now and when we head out the door.

Whelp, it’s that time. The morning coffee to enjoy and to start getting the bikes ready to roll out. Huge thanks to all of our epic followers here on our website, we’re almost to 180 followers. Also huge thanks to our awesome Patreon supporters. Have an epic adventure day everyone and we will post again tomorrow.

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