Laundry day and family fun

Our yesterday was spent peacefully with our dog while we did our household things. Annika and I have been slowly getting rid of things that we don’t use or feel like it’s wasting space. Yesterday we cleared out another cabinet and are preparing to get rid of it soon. We’re making more room for bikes and only things that make a difference in our lives. Not only are we clearing out unused things we’ve also been leaving tons of websites, social media sites, games and much more. I dumped every game from my iPhone, some of which that I’ve been playing for more than 5 years. The first reason is they take a lot of time and the second and most important reason are games and apps are starting to be forceful about being a part of sites like Facebook to use their game or app. Any website, game, app or service that requires a Facebook account is absolute shit to us and we will have nothing to do with it.

We don’t use many social media sites. We do currently use YouTube but we will soon no longer be using them either. YouTube, like all other sites, keep pushing ads in our faces and recommending all the shit that people pay them to promote to try to get us to check out. We have our own interest and have no interest in the crap those sites want to push. Once we upgrade our plan here on WordPress to the next level we will then self-host all of our videos and then close our YouTube account. Social media sites have not brought value to our lives and they never will.

We do have an Instagram account but we do not use it. Instagram is a site for self-indulgent, narcissistic, sheeple live online. You’ve seen these people, they are the people who are standing in a mirror posing for a selfie in a pose just like another Instagrammer to try to get likes and followers. When we see people that pose in front of a mirror to take a selfie we just laugh at how ignorant they look in real life doing so. We’re not selfie people, we’re not “omg look at me” people. We don’t write about the same things that all bloggers write about. We simply share our happiness and the things we love to do with others who like similar things or who enjoy reading about it.

We’re just people who earn our living and make the best of life with what we have. On that note, we will be back on our bikes soon. Our dog is feeling much better and if she continues to do like she is doing or better then we will feel much more at ease to go for a ride. At worst if I need to stay at home with her more then I’ll focus on Zwift for a while and do indoor riding while she gets better.

Alright, it’s time for coffee and relax before the day starts. Hugs to all of you awesome readers, followers of our blog, and Patreon supporters. Have an epic adventure day!

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