Riding a bike is so enjoyable

When I started riding a bike back in August 2017, I didn’t realize I’d be so passionate or obsessed with the feeling. Every day from that point I dreamed of riding a bike. I spend hours looking over routes to take my bike on, one of my favorite websites to visit is Google Maps. When I’m on my bike riding long distances it is the joy of not knowing is what really makes the journey. Sometimes I get on my bike with one plan and then just go completely another direction, most of which are places I’d never been.

My favorite road to ride on is so far the BeeLine Highway, however, I’ve damaged a ton of tires riding out there. Every time that I’ve ridden my bike on the BeeLine I’ve shredded tires to the point of replacing them. I’ve ridden the BeeLine Highway almost to Payson from Scottsdale which is further out on that road than most of the local cyclist here. We have seen 2 people on bikes out almost that far however they were bikepackers touring through from other states. What I love about that specific road is the feel of the road, the distance, the quiet time, the huge climbs and the epic downhills. I’ve seen some epic wildlife out there and ran into some very courteous drivers. My last ride on the BeeLine Highway was a trip to Tonto Basin, I had 4 flat tires in a quarter mile stretch and road with pinch flats all the way through the route. No matter what I’d do something would puncture my tire, I have hundreds of thorns and metal braided throughout the tires by the time I got home. That ride was one of my favorite rides. At any point, if I’d pull over to rest my legs or to answer my phone or anything, someone would nicely pull over or stop to ask if I needed anything at all. When I started getting flats in Tonto Basin almost every car that came by would offer water or a ride, the people that day were just epic human beings. On my final flat tire, a couple gave me a ride a quarter mile to Jakes Corner Store to get out of the heat and relax for my ride to come. What a wonderful day on a bike.

I’ve ridden many places and not once did I care where I was riding to, it was all about the scenery and the pedal time. I have ridden very few group rides in our area and found out really quick that those type of rides is not for me at all. I’m not a social rider nor do I ride a bike to brag or show off what I have to someone that doesn’t have similar or better. I’ve run into some very rude people on group rides, the word snot or stuck up isn’t saying it clearly enough, however, I have met 1 or 2 people from a group ride who were awesome. I love to ride long distance alone or with my wife. Riding long distances to me are not for speed nor are they for going slow; they are just to be enjoyed and having anyone on the ride with me, they may have their own reasons to ride that distance and I don’t want to hold them back from their enjoyment nor do I want someone to hold me back from mine.

I can’t wait to get back on my bike for long distance, long hours in the saddle. When our dog is more up to par then I will feel better about doing it. In the meantime, I can continue to dream about it and plan some future rides and from time to time get on my bike here and there.

It’s that time, coffee and start the day. Huge thanks to everyone who are following our blog and especially the epic Patreon supporters too. Have an epic adventure day.

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  1. I hear ya! 🙂 These days, my time on two wheels is very much “me” time.

    I do the odd social group ride for a change and chat though. I used to do bunch rides with the club every weekend in the UK as I had found a fantastic group of people to ride with all around a similar ability. I’m yet to 100% find that here in Tasmania.

    1. there used to be a fun group ride here. now it’s became a group or two that consist of several hundred riders and well, it’s a snobsfest. ya might find 5 to 10 nice people out of every few hundred in such a huddle. I’d love to find a few people to ride with that werent like that but it is very rare here.

  2. HI, folks! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on my dog Gabi’s first bike ride of the season. I share your feeling about group rides. Mostly, I ride alone or with my dog in the basket. Living on Chicago’s lakefront is a lucky aspect of my existence. I ride with sunrises over the lake most mornings. Keep up the good work!

    1. hi tony, thanks much for the comment. we love to ride, anywhere, anytime. i was up to 480 miles a week however our dog is ill right now. once she gets better ill be back on my bike a few hundred miles a week again. we plan to ride our entire state and of course some cross country stuff in the future. keep up the riding my friend, we look forward to keeping up with your journeys

      1. Way to go. Keep in mind that as good as biking is, it is NOT weight bearing exercise. Make sure you get that, too, so you keep your bones strong. BTW, you might enjoy a post I wrote for national biking month

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