It’s been another week

Yesterday started off pretty nice as our dog was very active. She woke early at around midnight and ate everything in her food bowl. She was playful and acted full of life until around 1pm. Around that time she began to seem tired as she lounged around between office chairs and the couch. She didn’t eat at all through the day all the way up until now. This afternoon she will visit her vet again for a few shots and see how she is doing. Over the last few days, we’ve been spending time with her and watching dog-related movies with her. Lately, we’ve watched:

  • A Dog’s Way Home
  • A Dog’s Purpose
  • Marley and Me
  • Frankenweenie

We even started to watch Hachi: A dog’s Tale but we finally went to sleep before finishing it. Each day has been a plan to ride our bikes however things are still in the air. Once we think things are going to be fine, then they start to look grim. Over the next few days, we will also take our dog in for another oxygen therapy, the last one helped very much. We have had some good times with her, and every minute of the day we show her how much she is loved. We did reach the point that she started eating her prescription food again which is very good.

In other areas of our lives other than our dog. We have been taking short walks, approximately 1-3 miles at a time. The walks have been nice and it has given us a way to keep working out in short spurts and to get out of the house. We’ve been keeping articles up here on our website and trying to keep all other content going at the same time. Yesterday we set up a new Ko-Fi Page as well as an alternative way for our supporters to pitch in on goals without having monthly subscriptions. We keep content published on both Ko-Fi and our Patreon also, Patreon is where we discuss ideas with supporters and they get to see videos and more before actual public release. We also have a pretty chill community in our Discord server where we chat, share stuff and do some pc gaming from time to time.

We’re working towards upgrading our WordPress plan so that we have more space to grow and with the help of our Patreon Page and our Ko-Fi page we hope to reach this goal each year. Once we step up to the next plan on WordPress we aim to do some more self-hosted videos and if it all works most of our videos will be here versus our YouTube Channel.

Now besides all of that, I will be getting on Zwift today. I won’t be able to ride long however I didn’t get to the other morning as I had planned. I’m gonna ride a quick 15 miles to warm up my legs while I keep a close eye on our dog. Fingers crossed on how today goes, hoping all goes well. It’s that time, time for some coffee and to get things done around the house. Huge thanks for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.


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