Things didn’t go as planned

The plan was to get on Zwift yesterday and at every moment I attempted to get on my bike our dog was right there staring at me. One minute she was sluggish and slow and the next minute she was perky and happy. You can see by her photo outside that she just wanted to say “was sup”. It was a good day with her however she was needy all day. About every hour she acted hungry as she was licking her lips and trying to get me to go to the fridge. I’d make food for her fresh and she’d look at me like “da faq” as she walked away to go lay down. The entire day she made it about her but it was nice to see her acting up, the perky times were fun and the sluggish times she wanted to cuddle. She wanted outside much more than normal yesterday. Typically we walk her 2 to 3 times and she also has a place on our patio for when she just wants to go pee or chill in the sun. Yesterday she had to go for a walk about every 2 hours all morning and afternoon, when she wasn’t going out front she wanted on our patio. It was a day of her trying to decide what she wanted and how far she could take it; it was a fun day with her. If our dog is acting well this morning then Annika and I will go for a bike ride, fingers crossed.

Annika and I have today off so we may be able to ride our bikes for a little bit, as long as our dog is fine then we’re happy to roll. She has been doing lots better for the most part. The last few days she has started getting back on her normal schedule, she has been really strange about noises. It’s as if she is scared of everything and we’re wracking our brains as to why. Her doctor says that when she is lethargic she isn’t quite with it and may sometimes not know where she is, she gets that way a few times a day. The upside lately, she is eating her normal food again, she has been asking for food like she used to, and she has been pawing at us to wake us when she wants something when we’re asleep.

Hopefully soon in the near future, we will be able to get back to full time riding our bikes. A normal bike ride for me ranges from 5-10 hours, a short ride on my bike averages 1-3 hours. I’ve still got the Continental Hardshell tires on my bike, there isn’t a reason to swap them yet since I hadn’t been doing a lot of riding. Once I get back to full swing then I’ll get some miles on them before I put the Continental Grand Prix 5000’s on. We will be taking our dog to the vet again on Tuesday for her oxygen therapy again along with her arthritis shot and see what the doc says. If the doc says she is doing better then we will start planning a big ride here and there as we take it day by day.

Okay, gang, It’s that time. Coffee and see how the day goes. Huge thanks for the support and we hope you have an epic adventure day.

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