Heading out for a bike ride today woohoo

Let’s recap yesterday before we head out on this chill bike ride. Yesterday Annika and I went down to Bike Barn and visited Dave so that we could check out some full suspension mountain bikes. The “Trek Fuel EX 8 29” full carbon turned out to be a fair possibility for our up and coming mountain bike purchases, Annika and I both fell in love with it. After test riding the Trek, we then headed out to REI to look at a few items we needed. Everyone in our favorite REI store knows us well and are always happy to see us, they welcomed us when we arrived and let us play around like usual. By the time we were at the checkout at REI (Chandler) we had picked out some new Pearl Izumi cycling shorts and Pearl Izumi gloves for me and Annika got a Pearl Izumi shirt. We also purchased a new Sawyers personal water filter and of course we couldn’t leave without some Smashmellows.

Fuel EX 8 29

We then headed towards North Scottsdale to visit the New Balance store to check out some new shoes, we’re not quite ready for a new pair yet since we had just gotten our current ones. We did find a few pair of interest in which we will be buying soon, we then hit the road for Albertson’s for a few items to fix lunch. Our goal was to be out of the house for at least 3 hours so that we could get back and see how our dog was. When she woke she was a bit out of it and hadn’t eaten. We felt that maybe us not being in the house for a few hours might help her to relax a bit since we’ve been so close to her through this entire health treatment. After our out of the house time, we made it back home to check on our dog, she was hungry but had not eaten yet. We called her vet to arrange a pickup for some of her entice medicine and Annika went to grab it. When we gave our dog her entice within 10-15 minutes she was eating her food without problems. She ate a whole bowl and we then kicked back with our dog for a bit.

The day went well, oh and I had a chance to check out the TV Show “Happy!” it is epic!

I watched the entire first season in one sitting, lol; good stuff.

So yes, after a great day we enjoyed some family time with our dog, watched a few movies, had dinner, and chilled. Now for today….

Today Annika and I decided that we’re going for a bike ride first thing. We’re aiming to be on the road while it’s dark and we’re gonna ride a chill ride. Not sure how far we are riding or how long, we have just got to get on our bikes before we go nuts. Our dog has a few procedures this week so we can’t make any solid plans yet but during this downtime on the bikes we’re working out in other ways.

I’ve gotta get our bikes ready for us and gear up, thanks so much for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day. Be back soon and tomorrow we will fill in the gaps as we do each day.

Oh, and by the way, Annika and I did get to take a short bike ride yesterday. The bike ride was only 4 miles but the upside is we did get to ride our bikes, can’t wait till this mornings ride.


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