We had an excellent bike ride

Annika and I had an amazing adventure bike ride yesterday. We visited 2 cities that we hadn’t ridden to before so we can knock them off of our list of cities in Arizona to Ride to. We visited Alhambra and Glendale Arizona by bike yesterday and we even got to test Google Maps App using step by step directions, it worked sort of. The Google Maps App showed the proper instructions while the voice said something else and the arrows pointed the wrong way. Every time that we had to take a right the voice would say take a left while it displayed a turn left arrow while at the same time the instructions showed a right turn arrow; they need to fix that. We did have a really good time on our bike ride, the ride was almost 30 miles; we even stopped for a Coke during the ride as we had totally earned it.

The route we took was down the Arizona Canal Trail, most of it was paved with awesome underpasses to stay away from traffic. A small portion of this ride was sand and gravel which oddly made us stop a moment during the ride and we happened to find a Bat Viewing area.

Arizona Bats | Bat Watching Area | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
Arizona Bats | Bat Watching Area | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

This was something completely new to us, quite an interesting find. During our bike ride we rode up to the Castles and Coasters amusement park, it was very cool to see. Going to Alhambra and Glendale by bike was a very nice ride however coming back we had a ton of headwind all the way back; this totally added to the adventure.

When we made it home to get cleaned up I realized that that ride was the first time in a long time that my butt didn’t hurt since I got the new saddle. My new Pearl Izumi cycling shorts kept all the pains away, very shocking that I didn’t feel any pain at all and still don’t. I love my new Pearl Izumi gear, the gloves are so comfortable and the shorts fit like a glove.

We got cleaned up after our ride and checked on our dog. She was lethargic on and off throughout the entire day but she did eat very well and seemed like she was feeling better. We headed down to see Dave at Bike Barn of Phoenix to look at the Trek Stache and the Trek Fuel EX 8 29 and took each of them for a spin. We purchased a few new water bottles and headed back home to spend the day with our dog. Dinner and a movie night.

This morning our dog goes to see her vet for another oxygen therapy, some hydration injections, and another shot for her arthritis. After our dog gets back from the vet we’re taking Annika’s mom to lunch to celebrate her moms birthday. We have a few more errands to do before we get back to figure out the plan for the rest of the night.

Alright, gang, we’re caught up. Here are all of the pictures from yesterday’s bike ride.

It’s time to have the morning coffee and get our dog ready for her vet visit. Hugs to all of our awesome followers here on our website and to the epic Patreon supporters; have an epic adventure day.

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  1. Headwinds can be very challenging where I live and cycle though flat there is absolutely nothing to slow down a wind in terms of cover. Today looks bright and fairly still so hopefully if I get out it will be a quiet ride.

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