Time for a long distance bike ride

Alright, let’s go over the basics of yesterday before we point out this mornings goal. Yesterday was a chill day that obviously started with a cup of coffee and some chill time as a family with our dog. The morning started rolling with our dog’s appointment with her vet, she went in for oxygen therapy and another arthritis shot. After we picked her up she was like completely normal, so excited and happy. This is the 2nd time that our dog has had oxygen therapy and after each time our dog showed huge differences for the better. We took her back home to get her breakfast and she ate right away. She was playful and still is at the point in time, she is slowly becoming our little perky dog again.

After we fed our dog we took Annika’s mom out for lunch, we went to Carlsbad Tavern off of Hayden here in Scottsdale and oh my, the food was epic! Annika and I had ridden passed this place for years now and not once ever had the time or remembered to swing in and check it out. The staff was awesome, the food was perfect and the decor in Carlsbad Tavern was off the hook; great place altogether. We finished lunch and headed straight back home to tend to some things around the house. The day was chill and a time to rest up before work this morning and I am going to attempt to go for a long distance bike ride today.

It’s been a while since I had ridden over 40 miles, so much has gotten in the way since January. It’s time to ride again! Our dog is seeming much better, well enough that I feel comfortable going out for a ride. Since Annika and I went for the bike ride to Glendale my legs have been twitching ready to go again. Today I’m going to ride at least 40 miles, I’d love to ride 100 miles and I may be able to do it. Given that I haven’t ridden long distance in a while I’m not gonna try and push so hard that I have to take another break from it. I’m gonna ride a nice distance and make sure that I’m able to do it again on Thursday. So the plan is to visit a city that I haven’t been to by bike which will make this bike ride anywhere between 40-100 miles to get to one and back. I’m not gonna say which city I am aiming to reach that way I am hitting the road with no plan and can simply enjoy a nice ride on my bike at whatever speed I feel up to riding.

If you’re a Patreon supporter at the proper level you will be able to follow me on my Spot url. I will have my Spot GPS online the entire time during the bike ride. Oh and on another note, not only do we have a Patreon Page but we have a Ko-Fi Page as well and either can be used to help support what we’re doing. Alright, gang, it’s that time. Coffee and hit the road on my bike. Have an epic adventure day everyone and huge thanks for the support from you all.

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