What an epic bike ride with John

Yesterday I made it out almost to Goodyear Arizona on my bike. My buddy John messaged me right before I left out to do this ride so I ended up having someone with me and it was fun. John is soon to right across the country and is keeping a blog on it, when he is in Arizona visiting during our winter he rides bikes with me from time to time. That’s John in the photo with Franklin (his cancer buddy), I love to ride bikes with him when we have matching schedules; we will also be riding together Friday.

My goal yesterday was to ride between 40-100 miles, I just made it to 40 however the ride was vicious and fun. Many places on the route we had to carry our bikes, several cars almost hit us; so many drivers on the road that shouldn’t have cars. We were aiming to make it to the city of Goodyear and back we just weren’t physically able to yet. When I started riding it took a lot of work to get to where I was before I damaged my leg. After my leg healed that’s when I started back to riding all the time and then our son visited making everything go to crap and of course our dog’s health has been a roller coaster. It’s gonna take some work building back up to how far I was able to ride in a single ride so the bike ride on Monday and yesterdays ride was the start of it. Friday I will ride again, I’ll pedal at least 50 miles in hopes of 100. Each day that I ride my bike I’ll do my best to go a little further each time until I get to a comfortable distance to keep trying to redo while I build my abilities back. When Annika rides with me I won’t be riding really long distances until she is back to where she was as well. She only gets a few days a week to be able to ride due to her schedule.

I’m very sore and happy that I rode my bike a second time in the same week and both rides were 30 plus miles. My new cycling shorts by Pearl iZUMi and my new gloves made an epic difference. Oh and I washed my bike before we left out for the ride and had to wash it again when we got back, lol; it was fun. Today’s plan is to stretch my muscles and do some weight training in our gym to allow muscle recovery for Friday’s bike ride.

It’s time to get some coffee and to get things done around here before I head out for another bike ride today. Thanks so much for the support and we wish you an epic adventure day.

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